Warning- America will face defeat in the war against Russia or China

Warning- America will face defeat in the war against Russia or China

Los Angeles: The US parliamentary panel warned in a report released on Wednesday that if the war against Russia or China could be fought, then the US could face a major defeat. The parliamentary panel said in its report, “America is facing national security and military crisis and in this condition it can defeat any war against Russia or China.”

The Congress has entrusted the National Defense Strategy Commission with the responsibility of studying President Donald Trump’s National Defense Strategy (NDS). Significantly, this policy of Trump shows the new competition for power with Moscow and Beijing. This panel of dozens of former Democrats and Democratic Party officials found that while the US military is facing a cut in the budget and the facilities available to them are decreasing, countries such as China and Russia maintain a balance with American strength. To increase your strengths.

The Commission says that the military superiority of the US, which has its strength in the world, has been ironed and national security has deteriorated to a very dangerous degree. The panel found that due to the focus of the United States on the fight against terrorism in this century, it has been lagging behind in other areas of war like missile defense, cyber and other space missions.

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