The US spent more than a million dollars on Trump’s son’s visit to India

The US spent more than a million dollars on Trump's son's visit to India

Washington: Donald J., son of US President Donald Trump. On the trip to Trump Jr., the US spent about one million dollars. The wealth of American tax payers is spent on the security service agents engaged in the security of Trump Jr., their overtime, security of all coastal areas and other things. Trump Jr. had come to India on a private visit in connection with the trade in February, 2018 and went to four cities Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata. He came to India to promote the skyscraper luxury condos (apartments like), being built by Trump Organization. President Trump has the full ownership of this project. Trump Jr. is the vice president of his family company.


he has obtained information regarding the expenditure on the trip to Trump Jr. from the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Freedom of Information Act. According to the paper, the documents obtained indicate that during the visit of Trump Jr. in February, the cost of hotel rooms, air fare, car and secret service agents has cost $ 97,805 over the over time. There is no response from the White House and Donald Jay Trump Jr. on this news so far. His political opponents said on social media that the alleged incident of secret service on the Secret Service for the sake of his protection for the promotion of Condos in India was misusing the taxpayers’ money.

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