The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review

In a country like India, people like to watch movies more than reading books. It is clear from this that why Sanjay Baru’s book “The Accidental Prime Minister” written in 2014 has not received much consideration as much as the release of the movie is a ruckus.

The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review

Movie Name: The Accidental Prime Minister
Starcast: Anupam Kher, Akshay Khanna, Ahana Kumara, Suzanne Burnt, Arjun Mathur, Vimal Verma
Director: Vijay Gatta
Rating: 1.5 stars

The book of Sanjay Baru made a stir in the political corridor. This book gave birth to a major controversy about the events that took place during Manmohan Singh‘s tenure. After this, Manmohan failed to control rumors rising in political corridors. In that environment, people thought that Dr. Singh ‘is the right person trapped in a wrong party’ in the atmosphere of the corruption that the UPA government was facing at that time.

However, after the film’s release and the release of the trailer, it can be clearly understood that it is a shock to the Gandhi family before the right election. But one question that is worth asking is how much of the film is under propaganda.

At the beginning of the film, filmmakers have tried to keep all the answers on their behalf. All the characters, incidents and events given in the book have been tried on the screen. But, while making the film, it has been cautious that there should be no tampering with the facts given in the book. So we can say a safe site that whatever is shown in the film has been made in the direction of the book written by Mr. Baru.

Now, if the matter is done, then the characters in the film have played the political part well. It would not be wrong to say that every person has done complete justice with his character. Issues like nuclear with real names and events will turn fresh in view of an audience.

Talk about Anupam Kher‘s character, then Manmohan’s trick shields, mannerisms, Anupam made such a beautiful image on the screen that it became difficult to recognize.

Divya Seth, who played the role of Mr. Singh’s wife, is sitting in a fit of the role in Mrs. Singh’s character. Tea Suzanne Burnt, playing Sonia, has given the screen the accent and expression of Sonia Gandhi. Looked like Priyanka Gandhi’s character with small hair, Ahana Kumra’s look looked like Priyanka but did not show much time on the screen.

Arjun Mathur, playing Rahul Gandhi’s role, seems fine with a sweet smile. But with his character, the audience could not even bind the screen. But on the screen, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, LK Advani, and Naveen Patnaik viewers liked it very much.

Only one person was not fit in that character which was not visible like Sanjay Baru on screen. They were Akshaye Khanna. Simply put, Akshay was not fit anywhere in Manmohan’s film.

‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ can be more liked by a special party and people. But there is no harm in seeing it. If someone has read a book, then he can feel more connected to it. With this, I am giving it 3 quints And hopefully, further films will be made on such bold political subjects where they can be released without any dispute.

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