Simmba Movie Review: The kid is of a lion, then he can forgive hundreds of times

Simmba Movie Review Rohit Shetty has brought Simba at the end of 2018. This movie is the Hindi remake of the South Templer film. For the first time, Rohit Shetty has made a film about Ranveer Singh and Sarah Ali Khan. Let’s know how has Ranvir Singh’s film become …


Rohit Shetty, who made spicy entertaining films like Chennai Express, Singham and Golmaal Agen, has brought Simba at the end of 2018. Simba is a remake of the southern film Temper. However, changes were made in accordance with the Hindi audience. For the first time, Rohit Shetty has made a film about Ranveer Singh and Sarah Ali Khan. There is also a glimpse of Suryavanshi with his old team, Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar in 2019. Let’s know how is Ranvir’s film …

Movie story

The film’s story is of a police coop. It starts with the same Shivgarh, where Singham was finished. An orphan child is Sangram Bhalerao i.e. Simba. He is in the wrong business, but something happens that he has decided to become a police officer. The officer also wants to become powerful and earn more money. How even While working hard with wrongful deeds, young police officer Sangram Bhalerao (Ranvir Singh) gets an entry on the screen as a police officer. Simba is a prankster, it is a tapori and a hero, obviously, there is a lover too. But shy and careless, also charges bribe. In the first two frames of the film, the story is clear with heroes, villains, and other characters.

Sangram Bhalerao has transferred to the Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood) area. DURVA is the strongest Dan of Goa. He works with all his brothers Sadashiv and Gaurav Ranade, from illegal drugs smuggling to land grabbing. Coming in a new posting, Simba makes the girl studying in medical school as her sister, who works on teaching the orphaned children on the pavement. Semba’s meeting with Sarah Ali Khan, who runs the catering business in front of the police station. At first sight, Simba sends him to heart. Sara’s father was a police officer and she died in an encounter. The introduction of Inspector Tawde, Senior Constable Nityananda Mohile Mohilee (Ashutosh Rana), constable strategist and all other characters comes out.

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