Psyhco Killer arrested for raping and murdering 8 innocent girls

Psyhco Killer arrested for raping and murdering 8 innocent girls

Gurugram :Psycho Killer Havan police, who has carried out more than 8 cases of abduction and rape and murder, have already climbed the arms of the police. According to the police, the accused kidnapped and murdered innocent people from the stores outside the temple and killed ruthlessly after the crime. The SIT team of Gurugram police arrested the accused from Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh. Let us know that the accused was absconding on November 11, killing an innocent kidnapped and brutally murdered on November 11. The police arrested Sunil, 20-year-old accused and made sensational disclosures.

The police came to arrest, the accused is a dangerous hawai, who has committed the crime of kidnapping and then ruthlessly murdering nearly one or two of the eight innocent girls. Then the SIT head of the Crimea Police and DCP Sumit Kumar Has cracked down. Actually, on 11th November, 3 years old Maoist Sector 66 abducted from the area and took them to the secluded area of ​​Sector 66, not only did the crime of first rape, but after the misdeed, continued mischief with innocent persons after misbehavior . After that Masum was beaten to death and escaped from the spot.

Arrested in this case, Darinde has so far arrested two other cases of Gurugram in which a murder case related to rape behind Omex Mall of Sohana Road, after the investigation of the body of an 8-year-old innocent child at Rajiv Chowk, took the case of murder after rape is. According to the DCP, the accused has killed three and three in Gwalior and Jhansi after the murder of one such brutal rape. However, the police is examining all such cases seriously.

The police is also gathering information from Delhi and Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior and Jhansi police so that only 20 years old Psycho Killer will be given a strict verdict by the challan. In this case, more than 2,000 people have been questioned by the police who have been sleeping on the road side. CCTV footage from Delhi to Jhansi railway station has been explored.

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