Provides rental Army’s powerful country!

They scolded in Ukraine They killed the terrorists in Syria. These soldiers are not camouflage. These are soldiers of rented. Just, they have so much identity. This anywhere Anytime. for anyone. Fight. They get money in return.

 Provides rental Army's powerful country!

Just think. The battle between the two nations is shocked. The soldiers of both the countries are fighting the battle of cross over. Then the army of one country falls short. Jung is now in a delicate situation. If there is a whole lot of army, then that country can win the war. Even if there is no soldier to fight in his country. Just have money, because with those same money, he can hire the army from another country. Yes, you might not believe it. But it is true that a very big country gives its troops on rent to fight in many countries of the world.

This operation is a reality in Syria to disperse ISIS militants. These photos of this operation are true. They are terrorists of Baghdadi or not. But are they really soldiers of the Syrian army? Yes, take this question mark from the question marker with a lot of sympathy. Because in that the whole story of that mask is hidden, which is doing from the world.

They scolded in Ukraine They killed the terrorists in Syria. These soldiers are not camouflage. These are soldiers of rented. Just, they have so much identity. This anywhere Anytime. for anyone. Fight. In exchange, they get the money and the order only listens to the headquarter. Who are these

They fought with the rebels in the battle of Ukraine. In Syria he joined the army. Now they are fighting in Sudan and Central African countries. And soon they will move to Libya. PMC is a soldier of Wagner. I.e. Private Military Contractor There is a private military company of Russia, who prepares a hire soldier. And the fight for your clients i.e.

So far, the Russian army, the army of Novorossia, the Syrian Armed Force and the Iranian Armed Forces, have taken the battle of war and have sent their troops there by sending their troops. The enemies who have wreaked havoc in exchange for money include Islamic State, Al-Nusra Front, Free Syrian Army and Army of Ukraine.

From 2011 to 2014, the ISIS took over most of Syria’s occupation. It seemed as if Damascus is now going to get out of the hands of President Bashar al-Assad. And their frames are set to reverse. But according to sources, there was an intelligence deal during this time. This was the deal of these soldiers of rented According to the deal, PMC Wagner will send its troops to the battle of Syria, which will be able to disperse the terrorists along with the Syrian military. Yes, in return, a considerable amount was paid to the Wagner company.

But be sure that as soon as Wagoner’s troops stepped on the Syrian land in 2014 Like the fighters of Baghdadi, it has come to fruition. Within a year, these soldiers who rented out the Syrian land with the dead bodies of these terrorists. Alam said that excepting a few places, the terrorists of Baghdadi from entire Syria were crushed. The rest of the work was completed by Syrian Army. Although it was not reported, Wagner sent several of his soldiers to the front of Syria. But it was so sure that 18 soldiers died in his soldiers who killed thousands of soldiers.

Wagoner, a soldier in Syria, says that our detachment was involved in the battle of Palmyra. First, our team visited the battlefield and then we got into the field with full planning. We killed thousands of terrorists. But 18 of our soldiers were also killed. In a year, we overheard the situation there and prepared the way for the Syrian Army.

In contrast to other countries such private military companies are legal in Russia. Following this, Russia’s aim is to deal with any emergency in the event of war. But officially, Russian officials do not consider the existence of Wagoner or any such other company. Therefore, it is a far-fetched thing to say that the soldiers of his rented took the war contract in other countries.

According to defense expert Powell Felgenhor, there is obviously the existence of Wagner. And its so called volunteers have been seen in all these battlefields. Where the Russian government wants to send them. Donbass and Syria are examples of this. But they have not been legalized.

The Russian government might deny such a private army. But now after an agency disclosure, the world has come to know that Russia has made such many private armies in its country to prepare for the war. They also use these private forces at those places. Where due to international pressure, he can not directly send his forces.

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