PM Modi arrives in Argentina to show love for football, Photo pulled with jersey

PM Modi arrives in Argentina to show love for football, Photo pulled with jersey

Argentina: He wrote in his tweet, it is impossible that someone Argentina came and caught in football love here.”Show the love of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. On Saturday (local time) the Prime Minister was seen with Argentina’s famous jersey. The prime minister also tweeted a photo with jersey and wrote, “It is a nomination that someone came to Argentina and did not think about football here. Argentina players are very popular in India. ‘

The Prime Minister wrote in a tweet, “Today I gave a jersey to Fifa president Jeanie Infantino. I thank them for this. ‘ The name of the Prime Minister is written behind this blue blue jersey. Narendra Modi shared the photo of Jersey on his Twitter account.

Addressing the ‘Yoga for Peace’ program in Buenos Aires on Thursday, the Prime Minister had explained in detail how the people of India and Argentina have joined soccer together. On this occasion, the Prime Minister said, “If Argentina is interested in India’s philosophy, art, music and dance, then there are millions of fans of Argentine football fans in India too. In India, the name of Maradona has been used in colloquial language. ‘

Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Argentina to attend the G-20 conference on a three-day tour. On Saturday (local time) after the meeting ended, they left for India. On the conclusion of this conference in Buenos Aires, the Prime Minister announced that India will host the G20 summit in 2022. That year 75 years of independence of the country is also being fulfilled

The G20 is a group of 20 major economies of the world. Modi announced this in the closing ceremony of a two-day conference organized in the capital of Argentina. In 2022, Italy had to host the G20 conference. Modi thanked Italy for this after India got its hosting. At the same time, he invited the leaders of G-20 group to come to India in 2022. In year 2022, 75 years of India’s independence is also being fulfilled.

The Prime Minister tweeted after the announcement, “In 2022, 75 years of India’s independence is being fulfilled. In that particular year, India hopes to welcome the world at the G-20 Summit. Come to India, the fastest growing economy in the world. Know India’s rich history and diversity and experience the warm hospitality of India. ‘

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