Pakistan government preparing for ‘sin tax’ on cigarette and sorbet

According to the Minister of Pakistan Government, a sin tax should be imposed on tobacco products and sweet drinks and the income from which it will be included in the health budget.

Pakistan government preparing for 'sin tax' on cigarette and sorbet


Alcohol has been banned by many states including Gujarat, Bihar but neighboring country Pakistan has decided to impose a strange tax on cigarette consumption. Debunking Pakistan, Pakistan has decided to ‘commit a sin’ soon on cigarettes and sorghum to increase its health budget. The country’s health minister Amir Mahmood Kiyani has given this information on Tuesday.

According to the local media, he said at the public health conference that his Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government wants to create a health budget of 5 percent of the country’s gross domestic product and it will have to increase its income for this work. For this, the government is implementing various measures.

According to the minister, this decision is a similar use. It has the idea of ​​putting a sin tax on tobacco products and sweet drinks. It is a plan to include income which will be included in the health budget. Now the Pakistan Government spends only a decade-six percent of GDP on health. In media reports, Director General Asad Hafiz has said that such a tax is imposed in around 45 countries around the world.

Significantly, the Pakistan government is crying the poverty of its country around the world. To overcome poverty, where he has tried to cut all the expenses, PM Emraan Khan’s government house was sold from car to buffaloes. Pakistan has offered to provide financial support not only from the World Bank but also from many countries to get rid of debt.

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