Karachi Attack: The officer rescues the life of the Chinese staff rescued, today is the talk in Pakistan

Karachi Attack The officer rescues the life of the Chinese staff rescued, today is the talk in Pakistan


Karachi Attack: Ever since the children who had left the private school, they left them alone. Today it is being praised in whole of Pakistan. Yes, the girl from the village has now become the female officer of the Karachi police. In Karachi on Friday when armed with terrorists attacked the consulate of China, this brave woman police officer saved on the life of many staff saved many lives.
Security personnel foiled this attack of terrorists. The woman officer ensured that seven heavily-blamed terrorists, including 9 hand-grenades, assault rifles, could not get close to the diplomatic staff within the building of the consulate. The police have said that the terrorists had food articles and medicines, so it is clear that they came with the intention of making hostages. Please tell that the Bloc Liberation Army (BLA) has taken responsibility for the attack.
However, the terrorists could not succeed in their motive. As soon as they reached the gate of the consulate, the police team started taking counter-action while taking the position. In this encounter, two police officers were killed and all the terrorists were stacked. Bhai Khan, a resident of Tanwa Mohammad Khan district of Suhai Sindh province, belongs to a lower middle class of Khan Talpur village. According to the Express Tribune report, after passing the Central Superior Services Examination in 2013, he joined the Police Force.

Suhayi told the newspaper, when my parents decided to get admission in the school, most of our relatives and acquaintances started tanning on the family. The atmosphere was such that due to being compelled my family had to leave the village and had to shift to a nearby town. His father Aziz Talapar is a political activist and writer, who always used to think big about his daughter. He said, my relatives ended the relationship because I wanted to teach Suhayi, while they wanted him to be given only religious training. Suhai’s father told that his daughter was stubborn to get higher education.

Suhai completed her primary education from a private school and joined the Bahia Foundation for further studies. After this he did not look back and looked back. In Sindh’s Hyderabad, he graduated from Jubaida Girls College. Com done She says, my family members wanted to make me CA. But I used to feel quite monotonous because it does not have a social value. That’s why I joined CSS and already got passed in the endeavor. Suhai gives credit to her hard work and parents. He said, my parents are the president. In childhood, they insisted on remembering Sindhi poetry. This increased my interest in literature and made great profits in the examination.

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