India-China military exchanges and agreed to promote dialogue

India-China military exchanges and agreed to promote dialogue

Beijing: The 9th annual security and security talks between India and China are held in Beijing. There was a consensus on the promotion of military exchanges and talks in this first defense and security dialogue between India and China after one year of the long deadlock on the issue. Let us say that in last year, the two countries’ armies were face to face for 73 days. Due to this deadlock, this year’s annual talks were not held in India and China.

The Indian delegation was led by Defense Secretary Sanjay Mitra while the Chinese side was led by Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission. The Indian Embassy located in Beijing said in a statement on Thursday that the two sides have agreed to promote a variety of negotiations between defense exchanges and the two armies. Mitra met with China’s State Counselor and Defense Minister Wei Feng on Wednesday.

Apart from the Ministry of Defense along with Mitra, the three army officers, senior officials of the Air and Navy also went on a tour of China. Both the countries have also agreed that the next round of defense talks will be held in India in 2019. After the defense talks, between the special representatives of the two countries, there will be the 21st round of border talks between 23 and 24 November in Dujiangyan city of China. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese State Counselor and Foreign Minister Wang Yie have been made Special Representatives for the border talks.

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