Few people saw NFL games in 2018, but those who saw more

The NFL’s TV viewership increased by an average of 5 percent this season. But it would be wrong to say that in 2018 more people saw NFL compared to 2017.

Few people saw NFL games in 2018, but those who saw more

In fact, fewer people saw football in 2018. But the rating increased because the NFL games in 2018 viewers saw it more.

Michael Mulvihill, Executive VP For research in Fox Sports, the NFL’s “reach” was, in fact, this season: In 2018 there were 184.2 million people who had seen NFL games at some points, while in 2017 there were 189.2 million people who had seen the NFL game.

But overall the number of viewers increased because the average fan who watched any football saw another game (17.1 games in 2018 compared to 16.2 games in 2018), and the average viewer of a game was about three minutes in this season Remained till Compared to last season.

It seems that the decline in access is driven by a cord cutter: more and more people watch TV only through Netflix, Hulu, and other outlets, which do not have NFL games, and they do not see football at all. In the past, when almost everyone had a TV that could get the broadcast channel, some people who were not NFL fans would stop watching only one game because they were bored through channels on a lazy Sunday and Were flipping. Now the same people check that what is available on Netflix and never come in the NFL game.

Despite that issue – which is an issue that affects not only the NFL but all of the television – the league was able to increase its rating because fans were more busy with the product. In particular, the quality of the game increased this year, and it is reflected by the fact that fans were watching more games, and there was the possibility of watching a game till the end, rather than closing a boring game.

The issue with fewer people watching is real, and an  NFL game in 2018 wants to get its arms. One of the reasons for the league made a deal with Amazon to promote the game of Thursday night, which is also broadcast on the Fox and NFL network, it wants to experiment with attracting fans who have cable TV Not subscribed. In the league, there is still a lot of work to do on that front.

But as long as the football will be good, the fans will keep watching. Football was good this year, and so were the ratings.

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