Baba Amte Google Doodle: Learn- Who were Baba Amte, who is made today’s doodle

Google has created a doodle for Baba Amte, who works for the upliftment of social workers and leprosy patients. Google has explained his life philosophy through a slide show.

Baba Amte Google Doodle: Learn- Who were Baba Amte, who is made today's doodle

Search engine Google has remembered social activist Baba Amte through doodles. Google has prepared a slideshow of Baba Amte in his doodle and five photos have been prepared in it. In these five pictures, efforts have been made to show the work done by Baba Amte on behalf of social service, his life philosophy, and leprosy.

Please tell that Baba Amte was a person who founded many ashrams and communities for leprosy patients. Among them, the name of Anandvan is located in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Baba Amte’s full name was Dr. Murlidhar Devidas Amte and people knew him as Baba Amte. Today is their 104th birth anniversary, so Google has dedicated its doodle to this person.

Along with doing many works for leprosy patients, he had raised voice over issues related to the environment, including wildlife conservation and the Narmada Bachao Andolan. Amte was born on December 26, 1914, in Wardha district of Maharashtra. He used to come from a family with a good background and his childhood also passed in the richness.

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He did the M.L.L.B. But later, Mahatma Gandhi and Baba Amte, influenced by Vinoba Bhave, tried to understand the real problems of the people who lived in the absence of the people of the country by visiting all India. He also played an important role in the country’s freedom struggle. Later on, walking on the path of non-violence, he got involved in social service.

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He also carried the India Joint Movement from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in the year 1985. Their motive was to promote the spirit of unity in the country and to make people aware of the environment. He was honored with civilian honor for many social works, in which the Padmashree is included. Apart from this, he was also honored with the United Nations Award, Gandhi Peace Award, Magsaysay Award for making an important contribution in the field of human rights.

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