130 years later the change in measurement unit kilogram ampere mole

130 years later the change in measurement unit kilogram ampere mole

Paris: In the world, there has been a change in the unit of measurement, Kilogram, Ampere and Mole forever. Now all three of these measurement units will be redefined. In order to make this decision, an international conference was held on November 16, 2018 in Versailles, France. More than 50 countries agreed to vote for change in this. After this decision, trade and other human work will be affected between different countries.

Scientists gathered at this conference in Versailles were waiting for decades for this decision. After agreeing on this matter, these people expressed happiness by clapping. Some representatives also came in tears of happiness in the eyes. This step is being seen as a global revolution in the field of measurement and multiplication.

On Friday, new definitions of electric measurement unit ampere, thermal measuring unit Calvin and the quantity measurement value of the substance have also been approved. The new definition of universally accepted kilograms was being eagerly waiting.

For more than a century, the mass of a cylinder made from platinum-iridium alloy, made in strict protection in France, is used as a definition of kilograms. It is also known as “Lee Grand’s”. This has been considered the only real kilogram of the world since the year 1889. Now the kilograms and other major standard units will be redefined. This will be effective from May 20.

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